In the beginning…

   Thanks for visiting my genealogy page.  It can only mean that you too are interested in knowing more about our Orcutt and related families!  I hope you find something interesting here.  Please visit often, as I will be adding new information and content.

  Don’t look for clever graphics or images here. I don’t have widgets, side bars, or audio features, or any bells and whistles. I like and appreciate those things where others use them, but don’t have the inclination and time to learn  to use them. Different people are best at different things.  My time and talent is more advantageously  applied to what I know and like best, history and genealogy.    What I lack in “pretty”,  or a pleasantly visual presentation, I will more than make up for in substantial and meaningful content.

   You will  always get factual information here.  I am not relying on, (or passing along), an endless line of unfounded and undocumented accounts of what other persons have written, or said in the past, ever and always absent any actual proof.   Any scholarly genealogist might tell you that all of that type chatter, (where no real records exist alongside),  is most often ultimately proven to be wrong.

   I don’t have any legends to pass along, (or attempt to prop up), nor any fanciful or convoluted personal theories I want to advance.  I don’t deal in those things because they  have nothing at all to do with fact based genealogy and history, other than usually being an impediment in getting to what is factual.  If you have the actual facts with records to back them up you don’t need to develop complicated theories, and  use fanciful imaginings  for “proofs”.     Imagination is always best applied to designated works of fiction,  and best never inserted into genealogical and historical works.

  What you will find here will be specific information I have found backed by  actual records.  I am sharing this information for those people that earnestly and honestly want to know the true history of the Orcutts,  not a mere repetition of what someone has imagined or erroneously assumed in the past that has already been repeated and discussed ad nauseam .  My goal for more than 40 years has remained consistent,  find, document, (and share), the good and true origins of the Orcutt Family.

  I got interested in genealogy a long time ago. I authored and published some books relating what I had found regarding some of my ancestral families starting about 20 years ago, starting with OUR ORCUTT FAMILY.  Since then thanks to the ever increasing availability of genealogical and historical records, scholarly works, and family accounts that can be found on the internet, I have been able to expand, refine, and correct mistakes in a lot of my personal compilations.  This has facilitated a natural evolution of our Orcutt genealogy and Family History, (which is ever ongoing), which has become much more clearly defined as enlightening  records and additional factual information has been found.

  The past several years I have focused on documenting the early origins of the families Orcutt and Bickley in Warwickshire, England.  It is a slow process, and, although significant progress has been made, there is much work still to be done, probably much more than any one lifetime might allow.  I hope younger persons with  passion and dedication will become interested in carrying on documenting our Orcutt and related family’s origins.

Be sure to check out these links to information I have added  in the menu below.

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Early Origins Of William Orcutt        A long held mystery

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Legends in Genealogy

 William Orcutt born William Horkott 1637 Over Whitacre, Warwickshire

William Horkott/Orcutt Baptism Record May 15 1637 found in the Over Whitacre, Warwickshire, England Parish register

Samuel Edson, & Nephews William Horkott (ORCUTT), Thomas , Andrew , and Frances Horkott “Left to America” Over Whitacre, Warwickshire Parish register record

Samuel Edson, William Horkott(Orcutt), Thomas Horkott, and 8 of their kinsmen, names, dates , and destinations when they left England for America, from the Kingsbury, Warwickshire Parish Register

Index of Horkott and Bickley Family Records to be found in the Kingsbury, Warwickshire Parish  record book.

Family Record of John Bickley of Nether Whitacre and Baxterley, Warwickshire, England, the grandfather of Susannah Bickley Edson and Margrett Bickley, mother of William Horkott/Orcutt

Susanna Bickley (NOT Orcutt) wife of Deacon Samuel Edson

Samuel and Susannah Bickley Edson “went to Massachusetts Bay Colony, March 1st, 1638” from Over Whitacre, Warwickshire Parish register

The Bickleys of Over Whitacre, Nether Whitacre, Kingsbury, and Baxterley

Richard Bickley of Nether Whitacre and Kingsbury, Warwickshire, England

Anthony and Katherine (Horkott) Bickley of Over Whitacre, Warwickshire


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