Index of Horkott and Bickley Family records in the Kingsbury, Warwickshire Parish Register

   This “Sections in ye Front of ye Book” is the last page in the oldest Kingsbury Parish register of the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul.  It is a listing of Family Records by the name of the patriarch, and the place he resided.  The Horkotts and Bickleys are at the top of the listings.  There are also a lot of listings for Bracebridge, an allied family of both the Bickleys and Orcutts.  These records are the pages at the front of the book that appear to be blank, and torn. Apparently all the sizing that was used on the paper to keep the ink from soaking to the back sides of the pages is gone, but the impressions/information is still on these pages, it just takes some effort to retrieve it.

   Every person in these family records are related by marriages and alliance dating back before the late 1300’s, and probably much earlier than that.  Regarding our Horkotts  1396, 1399, and 1407 are the earliest records for baptisms I have uncovered thus far.

  I would encourage anyone that is interested in helping build upon what information we have already learned in a short time from these records to contact me and to help me record all the information within these records.  There is a very large amount of information and it takes considerable time and effort to get it,  but I am determined to retrieve every name and date, even if I have to do it alone, but naturally I prefer this to be a concerted family effort.

Index / “Sections in ye Front of  ye Book”    Last page Kingsbury 1537 (Old) Parish register