William Horkott (ORCUTT) Baptism Record May 15 1637 Over Whitacre, Warwickshire, England Parish register

   This is the baptism record found in the Over Whitacre Parish register.  Many pages of the Over Whitacre record, as do the Kingsbury records, appear to be missing or illegible, but some information on some pages, including this baptism, remain.

   This is the same William Horkott that is named in the John Horkott/ Margrett Bickley Family Record, noted to have set out to go over to Massachusetts Bay Colony  November 7, 1658, and who was the nephew of Susannah Bickley Edson.  Samuel Edson and Susannah are noted on this same page as having left for Massachusetts Bay Colony,  March 1, 1638.

   Both Samuel Edson and William Horkott, along with William’s brothers, Thomas, Andrew, and Frances are also recorded on the last page of this same parish register as  having left England,  bound for Massachusetts Bay Colony.

  Three of these men are also recorded on the last page of the Kingsbury old register, along with other kinsmen, as having left England  bound for Massachusetts Bay Colony.

William Horkott (ORCUTT), son of John Horkott and Margrett Bickley, baptized May 15, 1637    Over Whitacre, Warwickshire, England Parish Register